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Getting Started with ProductBoost

Wish’s native advertising tool, ProductBoost allows you, the merchant to take control of the driver’s seat and rapidly increase exposure for your products. By allowing you to bid for relevant keywords against each product, ProductBoost combines merchant-provided data with Wish’s back-end algorithm to get your products in front of the customers who are most likely to buy them.

Merchants can create multiple campaigns with multiple products over different periods of time.  Your ProductBoost products may be shown on the Wish app and website, in the search results, in the related tab, and on other placements. Wish selects products to show to customers based on two things:  the performance of the product (how likely is this product likely to sell to this customer) and the ProductBoost bid.  ProductBoost enables products to show up higher in search results than they would otherwise be shown without ProductBoost.  Your ProductBoost products will only be shown in the countries to which your store ships.

You can use ProductBoost to reach more people and increase sales.  If you’ve uploaded products to Wish and have not seen the sales you expect, you should pick your best products and promote them using ProductBoost  ProductBoost can help you get your new products discovered faster and get your best-selling products in front of more customers.

Based on a controlled experiment, in which we were able to identify the true causal lift for merchants who were given access to ProductBoost,  we saw that ProductBoost drove a 39% increase in sales.  And for every dollar a merchant spent on ProductBoost, they increased sales by more than $7.50, and as much as $11.00 during the best week.

Learn more about ProductBoost or read our case studies.

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