5 Ways to Grow Sales on Wish

One of the most frequent questions we get from our merchant is about growing their sales on Wish. Here are our top tips based on studying thousands of successful stores on Wish.

One of the most frequent questions we get from our merchant is about growing their sales on Wish. With over 300M users on Wish, there is tremendous business upside if a store gets the magic formula right. Here are our top tips, based on studying thousands of successful stores on Wish.

Aesthetics Appeal to Customers

Over 90% of all transactions on Wish occur on mobile devices. Wish customers are not engaging with your products on traditional web browsers but on tablets, iPhones and Androids. This change in medium requires a change in approach and a new emphasis on imaging. Aesthetically appealing and engaging products convert better on Wish. Two identical products may have completely different sales performance all because of their images. We have found that colorful and numerous photos gain the most visibility, and having more than 5 photos per product is usually a good rule of thumb.

Enroll in Wish Express

An immediate way to make an impact and earn increased exposure on Wish is by applying and enrolling your products in Wish Express. For sellers who can deliver within 5 business days to the US (and 5-8 business days in Europe), the benefits speak for themselves; up to 10x more exposure, 5% cash back on eligible orders until March 31 2018 for Trusted stores, and special segmentation on the Wish feed. This allows customers to search and browse specifically for Wish Express products. For sellers who may not be as competitively priced, this allows the Wish customer the opportunity to choose if they prize delivery speed over cost savings.

Product Boost

For a new seller, it may take some time for Wish to tag and categorize your products well enough to show it to the most relevant customers. With ProductBoost, you can accelerate your sales from day one by choosing the products you wish to push to more customers, and rapidly test which of your new products does best. For existing products, ProductBoost allows you to associate your products with more keywords by bidding for them and increase your exposure quickly in a very short period of time.

More Countries = More Exposure

Wish has over 300M customers globally! Limiting your assortment to our largest markets (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Sweden) would be limiting your sales on the marketplace. Consider shipping to more countries within the 70+ countries Wish serves. We know it is a daunting endeavor so feel free to use the carrier routing guide within our merchant center (accessible to Wish merchants only) to help you decide with whom to ship.

Clear and Concise Descriptions

It is true that with this emphasis on aesthetics (and views on smaller device screens), customers’ engagement with your products can be brief. Save yourself the hassle of Q&A with customers by providing a short but detailed description of your products. Better yet, if you can visualize those descriptions in your photos, you can kill two birds with one stone.

There you go, adopt our quick tips on growing your sales on Wish and you will be on your way to the big game!

Author: WishForMerchants