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All you need to know about Wish’s Confirmed Delivery Policy

With over 300 million customers shopping on Wish, we seek to improve the customer experience by providing a great experience. On time delivery is an essential part of the shopping experience and we are constantly trying to improve delivery performance across the marketplace.

Historically it has been difficult for Wish to validate tracking down to the last mile. This has resulted in slower payment for sellers and ambiguous delivery times for customers. In an effort to provide clarity for both parties, Wish has created a policy that requires last-mile tracking data for orders that exceed a certain price point. This will ensure sellers get paid on time after shipping and customers are able to track their orders.

What orders does it affect?

You must use one of our qualified shipping carriers if your orders exceed a certain threshold as follows:

Shipping To Gross Order Amount is Required to use qualified shipping carriers?
US, UK, FR, DE, ES, DK, SE, ZA, or Costa Rica >= $10 Yes
IT, BR, SA >= $7 Yes
AR >= $5 Yes
EC, MX, CL, CO, RU >= $3 Yes
CA All orders Yes

Please note that we have confirmed delivery carriers who have various delivery service levels (with different fees). To comply with Wish policy, be sure to use the appropriate service levels for the delivery carrier you picked. The method selected needs to have last mile tracking to comply.

Illustrated example of an acceptable process

Merchant Q receives 15 orders with destination country Canada and ships the 15 orders within one day to Canada.

Three days after shipping, the merchant receives the first carrier scan for all 15 orders.

Merchants inputs the tracking numbers into Wish. As the orders were confirmed shipped by the carrier within 5 days from the orders being placed, the merchant’s valid tracking rate is 100% and they comply fully with the requirements.

For more examples please refer to our Confirmed Delivery Policy FAQs.

Bear in mind that this is a continuously improving process and Wish intends to make this policy applicable to more countries going forward.

We are excited to grow the marketplace by keeping both merchants and customers happy. Keep an eye out for future updates!