Anne’s Jewelry increased revenue by 86% in 4 months using Fulfillment by Wish

Anne’s Jewelry, a merchant based in China, started selling on Wish in early 2016 and now operates a highly successful jewelry business with over 8,000 reviews. They receive orders from over 35 countries. During the last quarter of 2017, a little more than half of their sales (GMV) were U.S. orders.

Fulfilled by Wish Case Study

In August 2017, Anne’s Jewelry started leveraging Fulfillment By Wish (FBW) in the U.S. and Europe. FBW warehouses store their products and manage all order fulfillment and outbound shipment processing on behalf of Anne’s Jewelry. Because of FBW, Anne’s Jewelry was able to provide fast and reliable delivery to customers in the U.S. and Europe. FBW-managed products were automatically enrolled in the Wish Express program. The benefits included a Wish Express badge on each listing to attract customers looking for fast delivery and up to 10x more exposure than non-Wish Express products. After starting FBW, Anne’s Jewelry saw an 86% increase in revenue over a 4 month period.

On average, Anne’s Jewelry’s customers rated FBW products 4% higher and received their items 16 days faster. Anne’s Jewelry’s overall refund rate improved as well. The refund rate for FBW-managed inventory was 11% lower than the refund rate for non-FBW managed inventory.

Fulfilled by Wish Average Delivery Time

Anne’s Jewelry’s CEO Anne Wang said, “With Fulfillment by Wish, we were able to sell our products to customers in the U.S. We immediately received a significant amount of orders. Upon shipment of orders, we received payments promptly from Wish. It was exciting and confidence-building to receive feedback from buyers complimenting our ‘fast shipment.’ Our business has truly benefited from using Fulfillment by Wish.”

To join FBW, contact your account manager or view our  FBW Practical Guide (US) or FBW Practical Guide (EU) for more details.

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