Home & Beauty products trader increases sales by 771% with Product Boost

A fast-growing trading brand, Yiwu Guan Yuan Enterprise has been constantly on the lookout for ways to quickly scale their business and diversify their product range.

They started selling a wide range of home & beauty products on Wish in June 2017. After seeing good success on the Wish platform, they wanted to establish a broader customer base and acquire new customers. To do so quickly, they decided to launch ProductBoost campaigns for two of their bestselling products in September 2017.


Immediately after they launched their ProductBoost campaigns, they saw a significant increase in market visibility and sales. In their first two months of using Productboost, their overall ROI on Wish improved consistently on a weekly basis and sales increased tremendously by 771%.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 8.25.12 pm

Their ROAS has increased by 492% during their first two months of using ProductBoost. Yiwu Guan Yuan Enterprise now sells more items on Wish than on any of their other channels and plans to further increase investment in ProductBoost to expand their business.

“ProductBoost has been an incredible opportunity for us to unlock a massive amount of sales for our promoted products and across our entire collection. We’re now listing many more items on Wish and seeing a great trajectory for all our items. With ProductBoost, each newly introduced item on Wish enjoys 70% more sales in the first week compared to any other established channels we use.”

– Allen, SVP, Yiwu Guan Yuan Enterprise

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