Best Outdoors receives 2.3x Return on Ad Spend with ProductBoost

Established in 2014,  Best Outdoors sells a wide range of tactical gear and knives for hobbyists. To expand their customer base, they started selling on Wish in October 2017. As a new merchant on Wish, sales was initially slow as they did not have much purchase history for Wish’s algorithm to efficiently serve up their products to the right target audience.

To accelerate their growth and gain control of the initial ramp up process that is common with selling on all marketplaces, they started experimenting with ProductBoost in mid November 2017. They picked 12 of their best selling products and boosted them with a test budget of $1500. The results from their first test saw 2.3x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and gave them enough information about the type of products which were most suited for Wish customers.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 8.34.03 pm.png

Subsequently, they launched 3 more campaigns to A/B test their products and keywords. With vital information in hand, they quickly doubled their budgets on the best performing products and keywords to focus on driving sales during the Black Friday and Christmas period. ProductBoost enabled them to efficiently scale up to over 100 orders a day within 1 month of joining Wish and achieve impressive ROAS which they have never seen on other marketplace platforms.

Wish is now one of their key sales channels and drives 25% of their overall sales online.

“Our experience with Wish has been nothing short of phenomenal. We were initially unsure about how our niche products would perform on a recommendation based shopping model, but ProductBoost has enabled us to nimbly test our best performing products at low cost, thus allowing us to get to a steady level of sales much faster than other platforms.

Kevin Lo, Owner, Blade Addict

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