U.S Consumer Electronics Retailer see 300% ROAS on ProductBoost

VIPOUTLET is a leading retailer of new and refurbished consumer electronics. The company uses an automated solution to manage sales across multiple platforms. Wish was added in May 2017 and became of the fastest growing channel among VIPOUTLET’s twenty marketplaces.

As their sales grew through the use of Wish’s proprietary targeting capabilities, they were able to convert customers much more efficiently. When ProductBoost was introduced to them in November 2017, they decided to try it out by promoting some of their best-selling products.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 8.32.53 pm.png

By working closely with the Wish team, they were able to pick their best performing products such as refurbished TVs, laptops and headphones and select a group of the most relevant keywords for these products. Their initial test campaign was launched in mid November 2017 with a budget of just $750, they saw an astonishing result of $225k in sales revenue. They have continued to allocate larger budgets for ProductBoost to accelerate their business growth on Wish.

“ProductBoost has been an incredible asset to our business with great ROI. By using it consistently over time, we are seeing a marked increase in the amount of sales from Wish. Our average order value for products being promoted via ProductBoost are 34% higher and continue to be higher even after our campaign ends.”

Howard W, Director of E-Commerce at goTRG / VIPOutlet

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