iEnjoy Home Increased Revenue by 45% During Peak Shopping Season in Q4 2016

iEnjoy Home started selling on Wish in 2015. They brought quality, high value, bedding products to the marketplace and enabled their listings for the US market.


iEnjoy Home’s focus on quality and affordability has paid dividends over the years. They are attentive and customer-focused sellers, consistently delivering their orders to customers within 4 days and their 4.5/5 star review rating reflects their customers’ high satisfaction levels.

In late 2016, iEnjoy Home leveraged Wish’s new promotional programs of Wish Express and ProductBoost to improve their sales by more than 25% month over month. During the peak shopping season in Q4 2016, they saw a 45% increase in revenues.

What iEnjoy Home found most unique about the Wish marketplace was its “ease of entry”. When a seller joins Wish, their product listings are cataloged, tagged, and seen by over 300 million customers globally.

iEnjoyHome_Graph (1)

Wish’s proprietary algorithms and machine learning continuously optimizes the types of products showed to each customer. This highly curated and unique experience on mobile is the reason that has made Wish a global e-Commerce marketplace.

“Wish has been an amazing platform for our business. We strongly recommend all merchants to be a part of Wish Express, Verified by Wish, and ProductBoost to achieve a high level of sales. We look forward to expand and sell globally on Wish.”

– Ryan Friese, VP of Business Development, iEnjoy Home

In 2017, iEnjoy Home continued to enjoy 115% average monthly growth in product impressions on Wish. Now consistently bringing in a healthy 5 figure revenue weekly, iEnjoy Home is very pleased with the success they have achieved on Wish.

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